Smart Cards

Smart Cards are the core business of United Access. Talking about smart cards we assume intelligent micro-controller cards with cryptographic capabilities and an operating system running on a dedicated security hardware.

This gives a very broad range of controllers and operating systems. Within this large field we focus on independent platforms (not linked to a card manufacturer) mainly for IT security and general purpose. We are not active in the GSM business.

We guarantee intimate knowledge of the components we offer – including all technical support a customer would need to start up a project with one of our products.

Cards, modules and operating systems are only one part – the other side is software (mainly PC based) to talk to the cards and reliable readers to interface the modules. Due to the standardization work of the PC/SC workgroup the main interoperability problems are solved. Today smart cards can be seen as a mature and well established technology with almost no technical risks.

Infineon SICRYPT®

United Access is an official provider for the Infineon smart card operating system SICRYPT®  as well as the primary support partner.

Infineon SICRYPT CardModule Card
for Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / Server 2008 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Microsoft has defined a new CSP model – the so called Microsoft Base Smart Card CSP working with dedicated card modules. This model is part of Windows Vista and later versions. The idea is to provide one CSP interface to applications (implemented by Microsoft) and request only small card modules from card operating system vendors.


The Infineon SICRYPT CardModule card is one out of 2 pre-installed card module cards under Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

For Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 United Access offers an add-on setup to install the card module and make the registry settings as required (32 and 64 bit version available). This setup can be found in the download section (for registered and activated users only). United Access offers a PKCS #11 module (32 and 64 bit version available); PKCS#11 requires a special pre-initialization of SICRYPT cards.

Productsheet Infineon SICRYPT CardModule Card

Infineon SICRYPT easySAM
SICRYPT also serves as a platform for the Infineon easySAM [SLF9620] – a multipurpose SAM for my-d, Eurochip and Mifare. United Access also offers a key management software easySAS for this SAM. Please contact us for detailed information.

Please request an offer for:

  • SICRYPT® based modules (SLE78CUFX5000p in Infineon contact module)
  • SICRYPT® based smart cards
    • blank smart cards
    • printed smart cards (with customized layout, magnetic stripe,…)
    • hybrid cards (combined with Mifare, Hitag, Legic, EM, DESfire EVx, ….)
  • SICRYPT® PKCS #11 library
  • easySAM
  • easySAS
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Atos (Siemens) CardOS

CardOS is a smart card operating system from Atos (formerly owned by Siemens). It is dedicated to Infineon smart card controllers like the SLE78CFX3000P.

On the one hand it is a classical multi purpose ISO 7816 operating system. On the other hand it is also an operating system in accordance to signature laws. The architecture of CardOS is based on the idea of a general purpose platform with a number of loadable standard packages depending on the target application / project to be implemented.

For integration purpose middleware products like CSP and PKCS #11 can be offered.


United Access is a value added reseller for CardOS smart cards or modules. United Access also provides first and second level support for this operating system.

Please request an offer for:

  • CardOS based modules (CardOS 5.0 or CardOS 5.3 on SLE78CFX3000P)
  • CardOS based smart cards
    • blank white smart cards (PVC, with ID-000 punch)
    • printed smart cards (offset, with customized layout, magnetic stripe,…)
    • hybrid cards (combined with Mifare, Hitag, Legic, EM, ….)
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flashCOS has been a traditional general purpose platform originally developed for flash based security controllers (like Atmel, Emosyn, EM).

The main advantage of idCOS™ is the excellent tool support combined with a very competitive overall pricing. idCOS™ comes along with the LscCommander (script enabled command processor and application development platform), the LscExplorer (Windows style display tool for the file structure on the cards) an lot of comprehensive sample code.

The idCOS™ manual is available via United Access under NDA.

United Access is a value added reseller for idCOS™ GPi (on EMTG97 – available)

Please contact us for an offer regarding modules or ready made cards.


Java Cards play a more and more important role in the smart card business. Some people think that JavaCard is a remedy for all problems and questions (like ePassport applications, loyalty cards, …) – which is simply not true.

The biggest advantage of the JavaCard concept is the easy way to implement own functionality and portability. With a traditional OS you have to be the owner of the platform and most likely start implementing assembler code and submit a ROM mask. With a JavaCard platform and a development environment (like Eclipse) it is quite easy to start developing a simple applet with own functionality. Take any JavaCard on the market and load it – theoretically.


United Access offers the JCOP platform from NXP (formerly owned by IBM / Philips). The products offer symmetric cryptography, asymmetric cryptography and dual interface (ISO 14443 Type A) capabilities and thereby cover the whole range needed for challenging smart card projects. The latest version is JCOP4. Available products are J2A080, J2A081, J3A081, J3D145 and J3R180. MIFARE Plus or DESFire emulations are available.
The Eclipse platform together with JCOP development plugin from NXP offers a comfortable, state of the art development and debugging environment.


Infineon JavaCards

United Access offers the Infineon Technologies Oracle JavaCard. This platform is available in several configurations and module types (also dual interface with ISO 14443 Type A and B supported).

Furthermore Infineon offers the SECORA ID platform, which is available in various modules (like dual interface, pure contactless or contact based only).


GIDS Cards

Based on JavaCard platforms United Access offers the GIDS package- a combination of JavaCard and applet to do a Microsoft Windows PKI smart card logon. The Microsoft GIDS specification fits to the minidriver specification from Microsoft – this leads to a zero installation, zero middleware licence PKI solution fully compliant with Microsoft specifications and requirements. Our tools (free for GIDS card customers, admin and user tool) offer PIN change and reset, pfx file import, deletion of key containers and changing of the administrative key for PIN reset.
This solution is the ultimate product for enterprises that look for a secure, PKI based Windows logon solution using the secure Kerberos protocol.

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PROTOS is an acronym for PROfessional Token Operating System – a development of United Access.

PROTOS supports a hierarchical key management and is available as

  • Central Security Module (the nucleus of a key management system, core)
  • SAM (security access module, security in the field like terminals, on-board units or validators)
  • UserToken (user card for general purpose application)

PROTOS is available on the Infineon chips SLE88CFX4000p and SLE88CNFX6600pm  – you can get it as a smart card, a standard M5.1 module or in a DSO20 housing.

The port to the next generation (SLE97 or SLI97 Infineon security controller) will be ready soon; the possible module housings will be M4.8 and VQFN32.

United Access offers the key management software easyPAKS for managing a PROTOS based infrastructure.

Productsheet PROTOS

Please contact us for more information or quotations.

Memory Cards

United Access is a value added reseller for all kind of memory products starting at the low end with e.g. SLE5528 or SLE5542 from Infineon Technologies with the synchronous protocol according to ISO/IEC 7816. Many standard readers (typically made for asynchronous smart cards with T=0 or T=1 protocol) also support these very popular cards (although not via PC/SC).

Infineon has discontinued SLE5528 and SLE5542 chips (end of life in 2014) – please contact us for a migration strategy!


The next level are telephony products like the Eurochip family from Infineon Technologies. These kind of memories are equipped with a special security algorithm optimized for secure counters (like money worth counters in public payphone systems). These kind of secure memories require so called Security Access Modules (SAMs) which are also provided by Infineon (based on SICRYPT platform). United Access has developed a key management system for the Infineon easySAM.

Atmel offers the so called CryptoMemory® product family (like the AT88SC1616C) which offers a cryptographic authentication and also emulates T=0 protocol. This feature enables developers to use standard PC/SC readers without proprietary synchronous protocol libraries.

United Access offers not only the simple hardware but also software and consultancy based on more than 20 years of experience within this area.


We offer modules of all operating systems which are in our portfolio to card manufacturers. On special request we also can offer wafers (sawn /unsawn). Additionally we offer initialization services after card production and intialization support for card manufacturers.


Infineon M5.1 modules



Based on JCOP United Access has developed a multi purpose Security Access Module [SAM] for handling of symmetric keys. For administrative purposes a so called central security module [CSM] is the counterpart in the secure back end and functions as the central security component. That is the way a real end-to-end security scheme can be enforced.


As an alternative plattform we offer the Infineon SLE88CFX4000p high-end microcontroller for SAM applications based on PROTOS. Typically this platform is used for tailor made SAMs and dedicated applications. This platform offers all possibilities in terms of performance, security and flexibility. The final SAM application is defined together with the customer and implemented by us. United Access delivers the ready made, initialized SAM.

Additionally United Access offers key management systems [KMS] for generation, administration and secure backup of symmetric keys.

We also offer dedicated SAMs for certain applications like for Eurochip based telephony cards, my-d based RFID token, Mifare based applications and others like the Infineon SICRYPT easySAM.

Sample of SAM module in RFID reader for authentication of usercards

Sample of SAM module in in VQFN8 housing