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United Access offers software products (like smartExplorer, smart2win) as well as customized software development services.

Examples for customized software developments:

  • JavaCard applets (like the United Access Basic Applet)
  • Initialization for JavaCards
  • COM object for accessing a card printer (printing, controlling the process)
  • library for authentication of security modules
  • library for NXP DESfire EV1 and EV2 personalization
  • TCP / IP interface (PC based) for integration of smart cards
  • DESfire coding station
  • MIFARE coding station
  • LEGIC coding station

All our software activities are focused on smart cards and RFID applications in the Microsoft Windows environment. The development focus is Visual C++, C# and C respectively JavaCard/ Eclipse as the most reliable and convenient platform for software development in the field of smart cards.

Smart Card Middleware

Smart card middleware is a often mystified object. It is simply a software connecting smart cards in readers to applications via standardized or proprietary interfaces.

The most commonly known interfaces are CSP and PKCS #11. We offer these interfaces for all our cryptocontroller cards like SICRYPT, CardOS and JCOP.

United Access smartExplorer

United Access smartExplorer is a tool to investigate, administrate and personalize controller based smart cards in a Windows Explorer look and feel. 

Residing on the PC/SC stack this tool gives a clear overview on smart cards inserted into any PC/SC compliant reader. Elementary files, directories, data, certificates – just edit them as you like.

smartExplorer is optimized for Infineon SICRYPT.

smartExplorer:main GUI


United Access smart2win is a multifunctional PC access / logon software based on PC/SC compliant readers and smart cards for Microsoft Windows Vista / 2008 / 7 / 8.1/ 10 (32 and 64 bit versions are supported).

smart2win is implemented as a credential provider without any need for PKI or network behind. All credentials are safely stored on a smart card protected by a PIN. The administration (self-enrollment) is simple and intuitive – no complex configuration or server side software is required.

In the contact based version several different cards may be used (like SICRYPT, idCOS, PROTOS) – smart2win MIFARE is the contact less product for the use with MIFARE (1k and 4k) or DESfire EV1 / EV2 / EV3 technology.

smart2win: PIN entry dialog


This freeware tool lists all smart card readers present on the system and allows to send commands to inserted cards. The software uses PC/SC as communication layer to the reader; the user might send any APDU according to ISO7816. Furthermore the ATR, the historical characters and the friendly name (if known by the Calais database) is displayed. 


Any secure RFID or card based system (e.g. ticketing, payment, access …) implies the need for secure authentication based on cryptographic mechanisms. A Key Management System (KMS) is necessary to generate, store and administrate cryptographic keys and credentials. In general the keys are generated using a secure crypto unit which is the core component of the system. The security level of this crypto unit defines the overall security of the system.

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All generated keys never leave the unit in plain text. The access to the system is secured by a mental key scheme combined with a two factor authentication. Any time a secure credential (contact based card or contactless token) is presented at a point of acceptance (e.g. POS terminal, ticket machine, ATM, …) the authenticity and integrity of the key material is proven (usually by a challenge – response mechanism). Related systems are usually personalization systems and Security Access Modules (SAM).

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