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Today card printers are mainly used to print card individual data on standard ISO CR80/ISO 7810 sized cards. Increasingly the cards should also be encoded within the same sequence to assure data consistecy. In order to serve this increasing demand we integrate encoders for contact based as well as for RFID cards into standard card printers. Our RFID encoders cover 125 kHz, 13,56 Mhz and UHF band widths. All encoders we use provide standard interface as well on physical (USB, RS232) as on logical level (PC/SC, Omnikey synchroneous API, ACG interface); Legic encoding (segmentation) is also part of our business.

Our offering contains printers of the following brands:

  • Fargo from HID Global
  • Zebra from Zebra Technologies Corporation
  • Evolis from Evolis Card Printer

From Fargo as well standard direct to card printing printers as re-transfer printers are offered. The re-transfer printing technology is providing excellent printing quality also on cards with uneval surfaces. An unevenness is usually caused by RFID chips with antenna integrated in the card body or by the milling process for embedding of smart chips.

From Zebra we offer very reliable direct to card printing printers for low volume printing.

The Evolis direct to card printing portfolio contains as well low volume printers as semi industrial printers for high volume printing.

All the printers are working with 300 dpi print quality for monochrome and colour printing.

As a supplement to the printer offering we also offer an external device for seamles integration of contact based smart card personalisation with card printers. This product is called smartEncoder.


Fargo printers are a HID Global brand.
Fargo Card Printer/Encoders are the industry choice for outstanding performance, versatility and security. You can choose from High Definition Printers to Direct-to-Card Printers.

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DTC1000 Card Printer/Encoder

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HDP5000 Card Printer/Encoder


Zebra card printer solutions provide businesses enhanced security and improved quality. Choose from a broad range of full color or monochrome card printers.

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Evolis designs, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of plastic card printing solutions.

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