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smart cards and RFID components

Smart cards

Memory cards offering cheap limited storage space up to high end smart card crypto controllers

RFID & NFC - smart cards and RFID components


Radio Frequency IDentification for e.g. building access, identification of items or public transport

readers - smart cards and RFID components


We offer smart card readers like contact based smart card readers, RFID readers, dual interface readers and more

printer - smart cards and RFID components


Our offer includes printers of the following brands: Fargo, Zebra and Evolis

software - smart cards and RFID components


United Access offers software products as well as customized software development services

services - smart cards and RFID components


We are committed not only to deliver state-of-the-art components but also to a deep knowledge of the products

harddisc encryption

Hard disk encryption

High requirements are placed on data carriers to protect against spying, illegal copying and modification

cloud encryption

Cloud encryption

Protection against illegal spying and disclosure to third parties, as well as the protection against data loss

Smart cards

Smart Cards are the core business of United Access. Talking about smart cards we assume intelligent micro-controller cards with cryptographic capabilities and an operating system running on a dedicated security hardware.

This gives a very broad range of controllers and operating systems. Within this large field we focus on independent platforms (not linked to a card manufacturer) mainly for IT security, banking and general purpose. We are not active in the GSM business.

smart cards - services


Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) is very trendy part of the business – many companies around the world are active in this segment. Catch words like intelligent logistic solutions, EPC, ICAO, intelligent supply chain, auto ID, NFC are used by many adventurers new in this exciting business. United Access is convinced that there are several applications which are ideal for RFID solutions – like building access, animal identification or public transport. On the other hand we observe a lot of unsolved technical questions or at least problems of practical usage. Logistic applications like palette identification are a perfect example: under laboratory conditions all problems are solved – in practice several blocking points remain. In many fields of application (like identification of single milk bottles) the traditional bar code will persist – there is simply no business case for RFID solutions.

RFID and NFC - services


We offer smart card readers like

  • contact based smart card readers (PC/SC compliant)
  • RFID readers (proprietary protocol or PC/SC compliant)
  • dual interface readers
  • customized / special reader hardware (e.g. Legic modules for integration into printers)
  • mobile RFID readers
reader - services


Today card printers are mainly used to print card individual data on standard ISO CR80/ISO 7810 sized cards. Increasingly the cards should also be encoded within the same sequence to assure data consistecy. In order to serve this increasing demand we integrate as well encoders for contact based as for RFID cards into standard card printers. Our RFID encoders cover 125 kHz, 13,56 Mhz and UHF band widths. All encoders we use provide standard interface as well on physical (USB, RS232) as on logical level (PC/SC, Omnikey synchroneous API, ACG interface); Legic encoding (segmentation) is also part of our business.

Our offering contains printers of the following brands:

  • Fargo from HID Global
  • Zebra from Zebra Technologies Corporation
  • Evolis from Evolis Card Printer
printer - services


United Access offers software products (like smartExplorer, smart2win) as well as customized software development services.

Examples for customized software developments:

  • JavaCard applets (GIDS, PIV, FIDO2, …)
  • Initialization for JavaCards
  • COM object for accessing a card printer (printing, controlling the process)
  • library for authentication of security modules
  • library for NXP DESfire EV1, EV2 and EV3 personalization
  • TCP / IP interface (PC based) for integration of smart cards
  • DESfire coding station
  • MIFARE coding station
  • LEGIC coding station
software - services


Within these pages you will find a survey about the professional services United Access offers to its customers.
We are committed not only to deliver of state-of-the-art components but also to a deep knowledge of the goods.

Therefore we can offer:

Card and Keyfob Personalisation

Card personalisation covers as well the printing of the card as the encoding of the integrated chip(s). read more

Support Services

Various service level agreements are possible – please contact us for more details.

Project Management Services

We concentrate on projects in the RFID and smart card area. For these projects we offer professional management services focused on the subsystems delivered by us but – if required – also overall project management.

Consultancy Services

Focus of consultancy services is in the PKI, key management and security concept area.

Software development

United Access offers software development services – mainly based on standard components. The software is typically no end user application but an expert system (e.g. for key management).
Supported technologies: c, c++, c#, JavaCard

For further questions please contact us.

services - services

Hard disk encryption

Despite increasing availability of cloud storage offerings, external hard drives are very often used to save data or as a transfer medium for sensitive data. Since both areas of application are mostly sensitive data – be it company data or personal data – high requirements are placed on these data storage media to protect against spying, illegal copying and modification. A good way to counter this is to use secure symmetrical and asymmetrical cryptographic methods.

harddisc encryption - access control

Cloud encryption

Saving data in the cloud is very popular and easy, but very often a very reduced protection of data is accepted. This concerns both the protection against illegal spying and disclosure to third parties, as well as the protection against data loss. In addition, the automated analysis and indexing of all data in the cloud by the respective providers are somehow accepted. These aspects were the trigger to enter into a partnership with a young company – fragmentiX GmbH. This partnership ultimately resulted in United Access GmbH investing in fragmentiX GmbH. We were and are involved in both the development and testing of the products.

The implemented basic principle of the fragmentiX product line is a scalable fragmentation of data to be stored with simultaneous information-theoretical secure encryption based on One Time Pad, which also offers security against attacks by quantum computers. This “fragmentation” and encryption of data enables data to be stored on multiple cloud services without the attack on a single fragment leading to illegal spying or analysis. In order to be protected against the failure of several cloud providers, a redundancy level can be set for storage.

cloud encryption - access control