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Our product portfolio includes external storage media that make use of proven and disclosed cryptographic procedures and, depending on the application and the desired storage size, are designed as USB sticks or external hard drives in the terabyte range and offer additionally protection via chip cards. We use the products of a partner company with whom we have been working successfully for many years – the products of digittrade GmbH from Germany.

digittade GmbH has been active since several years in the development of encrypted hard disks.
KOBRA STICK VS is the external stick with highest protection level.


United Access is an official provider for the digttrade KOBRA STICK VS as well as support partner.



Encrypted external storage device with BSI approval for government classified information up to VS-NfD (NATO Restricted and EU Restricted)

Productsheet KOBRA STICK VS

The confidentiality of stored data is guaranteed by the following security mechanisms:

    • Encryption:
      256-bit AES full-disk hardware encryption in XTS mode using two 256-bit crypto keys
    • Access control:
      Two-factor authentication via smartcard and PIN according to the principle “something you have and something you know”
    • Crypto Key Management:
      Administration of the cryptographic keys by the user: Create, Modify and Destroy
    • User administration:
      Using the Kobra Client VS software, the administrator can add, manage or delete one or more users simultaneously.

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