Re-transfer printer for high quality printing from HID Global.


Security module for time critical applications.


Standard key fob, inscribable, different technologies combinable.


The DTC 10000 provides maximum efficiency in a sleek user-friendly design.


Standard desktop PC/SC reader for daily usage.

Atos (Siemens) CardOS

CardOS is a smart card operating system from Atos (formerly owned by Siemens). It is dedicated to Infineon smart card controllers like SLE66CX322p or the SLE66CX680pe.

On the one hand it is a classical multi purpose ISO 7816 operating system. On the other hand it is also an operating system in accordance to signature laws. The architecture of CardOS is based on the idea of a general purpose platform with a number of loadable standard packages depending on the target application / project to be implemented.

For integration purpose third party middleware products like CSP and PKCS #11 can be offered.

United Access is a value added reseller for CardOS smart cards or modules. United Access also provides first and second level support for this operating system.

Please request an offer for:

  • CardOS based modules (mainline: CardOS 4.4 on SLE66CX680PE, M5.1 module)
  • CardOS based smart cards
    • blank white smart cards (PVC, with ID-000 punch)
    • printed smart cards (offset, with customized layout, magnetic stripe,...)
    • hybrid cards (combined with Mifare, Hitag, Legic, EM, ….)

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