Security module for time critical applications.


High performance chip card operating system for security critical applications.


The DTC 10000 provides maximum efficiency in a sleek user-friendly design.


Dual interface desktop reader from HID Global.


Competitive key fob with different contactless technologies.


Within these pages you will find a survey about the professional services United Access offers to its customers.
We are committed not only to deliver of state-of-the-art components but also to a deep knowledge of the goods.

Therefore we can offer:

Card and Keyfob Personalisation

Card personalisation covers as well the printing of the card as the encoding of the integrated chip(s). The encoding of the embedded chip includes the initialisation of the chip, the loading of the individual - in most of the cases personal data - and the installation of programms (e.g. JavaCard applets or patches). In order to guarantee data consistency the printing and encoding is handled within one integrated process. Due to the different needs (technically and  quantity wise) of customers United Access is operating a large number of personalisation systems with different configurations.

As a special service United Access is able to personalise hybrid cards combining different technologies like contact based chips, RFID chips and magstripes within one process by flexible configuration of the personalisation environment. RFID chips of different frequency bands from 125kHz  to 13,56MHz up to UHF are supported. Especially for the European market United Access is also providing personalisation services for the LEGIC technology (PRIME and Advant, unsegmented PRIME256). 

Since these services have to be configured case by case it would be a pleasure for us to provide an individual offer - please contact us.

Support Services

Various service level agreements are possible - please contact us for more details.

Project Management Services

We concentrate on projects in the RFID and smart card area. For these projects we offer professional management services focused on the subsystems delivered by us but - if required - also overall project management.

Consultancy Services

Focus of consultancy services is in the PKI, key management and security concept area.

Software development

United Access offers software development services - mainly based on standard components. The software is typically no end user application but an expert system (e.g. for key management).
Supported technologies: c, c++, c#, JavaCard

For further questions please contact us.