Tear shape

Standard key fob available for different frequency bands and in different colours.


PIN Pad reader with LCD display for safe signature use.


The DTC 10000 provides maximum efficiency in a sleek user-friendly design.


High performance chip card operating system for security critical applications.


Re-transfer printer for high quality printing from HID Global.

RFID Readers

We rely on RFID readers from HID Global and United Access.

United Access Desktop readers

United Access Legic PRIME PC/SC Desktop Reader [USB]

Worldwide unique PC/SC compliant Legic prime desktop reader with USB interface
All other 13,56 MHz token are detected as well.

  Datasheet United Access Legic PC/SC Reader

United Access 125 kHz PC/SC Desktop Reader [USB]

125 kHz USB desktop reader with PC/SC driver for easy integration into Windows apps

Datasheet United Access 125 kHz LF PC/SC Reader


HID RFID readers

ACG 125 kHz Reader Core [Multi Tag OEM]

ACG Code: RDLO-0101N0
HID Omnikey Code: 5534

  Datasheet LF MultiTag OEM Module

 Multi Tag OEM Module
ACG 13,56 MHz Mifare Core [Mifare Easy OEM]

ACG Code: RDHO-0501N0
HID Omnikey Code: 5513

Datasheet Mifare Easy OEM Module

 Mifare Easy OEM
ACG 13,56 MHz Mifare Board [Mifare Easy Plug & Play]

ACG Code: RDHC-0502N0
HID Omnikey Code: 5513

Datasheet Mifare Easy Plug & Play Module

 Mifare Easy Plug & Play
ACG 13,56 MHz Multi Core [Multi ISO OEM]

ACG Code: RDHO-0201N0
HID Omnikey Code: 5553

Datasheet HF MultiISO OEM Module

 Multi ISO OEM
ACG 13,56 MHz Multi Board [Multi ISO Plug & Play]

ACG Code: RDHC-0202N0
HID Omnikey Code: 5553

Datasheet HF MultiISO Plug & Play Module [RS232]

 Multi ISO

Pure contactless PC/SC reader supporting ISO 14443, ISO 15693

Datasheet OMNIKEY 5021

ACG 13,56 MHz CF Reader [Dual ISO Mobile] - DEPRECATED

ACG Code: RDHP-0406P0-04
HID Omnikey code: 4543
STILL 6 on stock

Datasheet HF Dual ISO plug-in module

 Multi ISO CF