Industrial high-volume card production with re-transfer technology


PC/SC SIM card reader from HID Global.


Competitive key fob with different contactless technologies.

United Access PC/SC Reader

PC/SC Reader for Legic prime or LF RFID media.


PIN Pad reader with LCD display for safe signature use.



Contact less RFID smart cards consist of a chip module, an antenna and laminated sheets. 

The antenna and the module can be in the high frequency range of 13,56 MHz or low frequency range of 125 kHz.

The antenna layout may limit the possibilites of additonal contact chip embedding.

The combination of different RFID technologies within one card body is possible. For details please contact us.


RFID Cards

125 kHz Cards
13,56 MHz Cards


The EM4102 is a read only chip providing a 64 bit unique ID. It is also known under the name "unique" and "Miro".

 Datasheet EM4102

Mifare 1k with 4 Byte UID

The Mifare 1k is a read/write chip with 1 kByte memory divided in 16 read/write protected sectors with 64 Bytes each. The chip provides a 4 Byte "unique" ID.

Datasheet MF1 IC S50


The Hitag 1 is a read/write chip with 2048 bit memory providing a 4 byte unique ID.

Datasheet Hitag 1

Mifare 4k with 4 Byte UID

The Mifare 4k is a read/write chip with 4 kByte memory devided in 16 read/write protected sectors with 64 Bytes each. The chip provides a 4 Byte "unique" ID.

Datasheet Mifare 4k

Hitag 2

The Hitag 2 is read/write chip with 256 bits memory divided in 32 pages with 8 Bytes each, password protection and serial number.

Datasheet Hitag 2

Mifare 1k with 7 Byte UID

Since uniqueness of 4 Byte UID can not longer be guaranteed by NXP, the Mifare 1k product is relounched with unique 7 Byte UID.

Datasheet Mifare 1k 7 Byte UID

Hitag S

The Hitag S chip offers a 32 bit unique ID, an optional authentication feature and up to 2048 bit memory divided in up to 64 pages with 4 Bytes each.

Datasheet Hitag S

Mifare ultralight C

Mifare ultralight is the entry level Mifare chip with 1152 bits memory, 3DES encryption and 7 Byte unique ID.

Datasheet Mifare ultralight C


The Q5 chip is designed for industrial applications

Datasheet Q5

Mifare DESfire EV1 2k / 4k / 8k

MIfare DESFire is the high secure and flexible multi application platform for public transport schemes.

Datsheet Mifare DESFire


Mifare plus

Mifare plus is the next generation of advanced and secure chips - the successor of the classical but less secure Mifare standard chip. Several versions are available.

Datsheet Mifare Plus


Legic prime MIM 256

Legic prime MIM 256 is the classical entry level Legic card with 256 byte user memory

Datasheet Legic prime


Legic prime MIM 1024

Legic prime MIM 1024 is the large entry level Legic card with 1024 byte user memory

Datasheet Legic prime


Legic Advant

The Legic Advant chip series is designed to be used in high end access control and person related security applications

  • Advant ATC 1024 MV (ISO 15693)
  • Advant ATC 4096 MP (ISO 14443)
  • Advant CTC 4096 MP (hybrid Chip with prime and Advant)

Datasheet Legic Advant



The I-CODE SLI follows the ISO 15693 standard.

Datasheet I-CODE SLI



The infineon Technologies SLE55Rxx is targeted to public transport and building access.

Datasheet SLE55Rxx