Standard key fob, inscribable, different technologies combinable.

United Access PC/SC Reader

PC/SC Reader for Legic prime or LF RFID media.


Competitive key fob with different contactless technologies.


Security module for time critical applications.


High performance chip card operating system for security critical applications.


Key fobs are the logical transformation of RFID technology to common key rings - the universal electronic key. Several different housings in terms of design, color, durability and customization possibilities are available.

Personalization of some key fobs can be done by laser engraving or printing (InkJet or Thermotransfer).

Discs of various shapes in terms of diameter, thickness, material and other options (sticky, hole) are used for industrial purposes.


Key Fob Types

Key fob "tear shape"

available with:

  • Unique (EM4102)
  • Q5
  • Hitag 1
  • MIFARE 1k
  • DESfire EV1 4k

  Datasheet Key Fob tear shape

tear shape key fob
Key fob epoxy

available with:

  • Unique (EM4102)
  • Q5
  • Mifare 1k
epoxy key fob
Key fob "drop"

available with:

  • EM4102
  • Hitag 1 / 2 / S
  • Legic MIM 256 / MIM 1024 / Advant
  • Mifare 1k / 4k
  • DESfire EV1 4k / 8k

and various hybrid combinations!

 Datasheet Key Fob drop

drop key fob

Key fob "drop" with options:
  • laser engraving
  • colour printing of logos
  • personalization (DESfire, Mifare, Hitag)
  • Legic segmentation (prime and Advant)



Disc Types

Simple PET clear disc

available with:

  • Unique (EM4102)
  • Q5
  • Hitag S 256 / S 2048
  • Mifare Standard 1k
  • DESfire EV1 4k
PET clear disc
Epoxy disc

available with:

  • Unique (EM4102)
  • Hitag 1 / 2

Epoxy disc