Tear shape

Standard key fob available for different frequency bands and in different colours.


Competitive key fob with different contactless technologies.


Security module for time critical applications.


PC/SC SIM card reader from HID Global.


Re-transfer printer for high quality printing from HID Global.


Java Cards play a more and more important role in the smart card business. Some people think that JavaCard is a remedy for all problems and questions (like ePassport applications, loyalty cards, ...) - which is simply not true.

The biggest advantage of the JavaCard concept is the easy way to implement own functionality and portability. With a traditional OS you have to be the owner of the platform and most likely start implementing assembler code and submit a ROM mask. With a JavaCard platform and a development environment (like Eclipse) it is quite easy to start developing a simple applet with own functionality. Take any JavaCard on the market and load it - theoretically.


United Access offers the JCOP platform from NXP (formerly owned by IBM / Philips). The products JCOP10 (symmetric cryptography), JCOP21 (asymmetric cryptography), JCOP31 (dual interface with asymmetric cryptography and ISO 14443 Type A) and JCOP41 (triple interface) cover the whole range needed for challenging smart card projects. The latest version is v 2.4.2. Available products are J2A080, J3A080, J3A081, J3D145. Mifare and DESfire emulations are available.
The Eclipse platform together with JCOP development plugin offers a comfortable, state of the art development and debugging environment.

Infineon Oracle JavaCard

United Access offers the Infineon Technologies Oracle JavaCard. This platform is avaiable in several configurations and module types (also dual interface with ISO 14443 Type A and B supported).


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