Tear shape

Standard key fob available for different frequency bands and in different colours.


Re-transfer printer for high quality printing from HID Global.


Standard key fob, inscribable, different technologies combinable.


PIN Pad reader with LCD display for safe signature use.


High performance chip card operating system for security critical applications.

industry & logistics

Due to the on-going automation and productivity requirements of industrial and logistic processes the demand of RFID components in various shapes and with various characteristics is increasing.

United Access´s broad range of tags and OEM reader devices is targeted to serve this increasing demand. Our products can be used in applications for tracking of goods like containers, jewels, gas bottles, bear kegs, tools, automotive parts, medical instruments and some others more. Tags and readers are offered for the main frequency bands like LF (125 kHz to 134 kHz), HF (13,56 MHz) and UHF (860 MHz to 969 MHz).