Re-transfer printer for high quality printing from HID Global.


PIN Pad reader with LCD display for safe signature use.


High performance chip card operating system for security critical applications.


USB reader for the use in hospitals and clean room environment.

Tear shape

Standard key fob available for different frequency bands and in different colours.


Chipcard is the top level category for all kind of silicone based intelligent devices - ranging from simple memory cards offering cheap limited storage space up to high end smart card crypto controllers with extensive mathematical computing capabilities. Depending on the customer or application needs a chipcard offers a classic contact based interface well known from banking cards or a contactless interface typically used in public transport or building access. Both types of interfaces can be combined within one card body.

Hybrid cards

Implanting a pure contact based smart or memory chip in a RFID card results in a hybrid card hosting two separated technolgies within one card body.

Dual interface cards

In case application data stored on a chip card shall be accessible as well via classic contact interface as via RFID interface a the dual interface technology is the right choice. A dual interface card contains just one chip with two interfaces.