Security module for time critical applications.

Tear shape

Standard key fob available for different frequency bands and in different colours.


PIN Pad reader with LCD display for safe signature use.


High performance chip card operating system for security critical applications.


Competitive key fob with different contactless technologies.

NSA, Prism demonstrate the need for hardware solutions

Fri, 07/12/2013 - 22:34 -- united-access

The latest developments just show the urgent need for real security solutions - meaning the private key is embedded in secure (certified) hardware.
Many people give the advise nowadays: use PGP or similar products for email privacy. Nevertheless the private key often remains in the unsecure PC software environment - there is simply no need for the NSA to bruteforce the key. Just pick it from the hard disk...
Only hardware security like smart cards might provide adequate security for sensible data like cryptographic keys.