RFID media

Contactless media for 125 kHz and 13,56 MHz frequency bands.


Competitive key fob with different contactless technologies.


The DTC 10000 provides maximum efficiency in a sleek user-friendly design.

United Access PC/SC Reader

PC/SC Reader for Legic prime or LF RFID media.


PC/SC SIM card reader from HID Global.

RFID Readers

We rely on RFID readers from HID Global and United Access.

United Access Desktop readers

United Access Legic PRIME PC/SC Desktop Reader [USB]

Worldwide unique PC/SC compliant Legic prime desktop reader with USB interface
All other 13,56 MHz token are detected as well.

  Datasheet United Access Legic PC/SC Reader

United Access 125 kHz PC/SC Desktop Reader [USB]

125 kHz USB desktop reader with PC/SC driver for easy integration into Windows apps

Datasheet United Access 125 kHz LF PC/SC Reader


HID RFID readers

ACG 125 kHz Reader Core [Multi Tag OEM]

ACG Code: RDLO-0101N0
HID Omnikey Code: 5534

  Datasheet LF MultiTag OEM Module

 Multi Tag OEM Module
ACG 13,56 MHz Mifare Core [Mifare Easy OEM]

ACG Code: RDHO-0501N0
HID Omnikey Code: 5513

Datasheet Mifare Easy OEM Module

 Mifare Easy OEM
ACG 13,56 MHz Mifare Board [Mifare Easy Plug & Play]

ACG Code: RDHC-0502N0
HID Omnikey Code: 5513

Datasheet Mifare Easy Plug & Play Module

 Mifare Easy Plug & Play
ACG 13,56 MHz Multi Core [Multi ISO OEM]

ACG Code: RDHO-0201N0
HID Omnikey Code: 5553

Datasheet HF MultiISO OEM Module

 Multi ISO OEM
ACG 13,56 MHz Multi Board [Multi ISO Plug & Play]

ACG Code: RDHC-0202N0
HID Omnikey Code: 5553

Datasheet HF MultiISO Plug & Play Module [RS232]

 Multi ISO

Pure contactless PC/SC reader supporting ISO 14443, ISO 15693

Datasheet OMNIKEY 5021

ACG 13,56 MHz CF Reader [Dual ISO Mobile] - DEPRECATED

ACG Code: RDHP-0406P0-04
HID Omnikey code: 4543
STILL 6 on stock

Datasheet HF Dual ISO plug-in module

 Multi ISO CF